Luxury iPic movie theater touts destination-worthy craft cocktails
December 1, 2015
Luxury iPic movie theater touts destination-worthy craft cocktails
Houston Chronicle

The concept of dinner and a movie isn't new. But it has been taken to its zenith at the new high-end iPic Theaters Houston in River Oaks District.

The Tuck Room, tucked upstairs at the theater, features a dining room and separate drinking alcove with a menu from a James Beard Award-winning chef and a cocktail program from one of the country's top mixologist/sommeliers. The collaboration between Sherry Yard, vice president for culinary direction for iPic Entertainment, and Adam Seger, iPic's master mixologist, has resulted in an exciting new player in the city's busy restaurant/bar scene. 

Yard's food offerings include enticing upscale casual fare such as lobster rolls and fish tacos, but it's Seger's adult beverages that make the Tuck Room a destination spot - even if you aren't there to catch a movie.

The highlight of his menu is a list of four "bespoke" cocktails - Margarita, Ginger Fizz, Manhattan and Old Fashioned - that can each be tailored with the customer's choice of house-made infusions, syrups, bitters, oils and garnishes. 

Margaritas can be made with tequila, mescal or sotol, and employ fresh juices and organic agave. The Ginger Fizz lineup (think Moscow Mule) comes with your choice of liquor and house-made ginger beer (classic ginger, ginger/yuzu, and ginger/pineapple). Prefer a Manhattan? Pick your spirit (house cherry whiskey, rum, tequila, bourbon or scotch), one of three vermouths and a garnish of house-made maraschino cherries, candied pecans or orange oil. Custom options for Old Fashioned fans include spirit (bourbon, whiskey, rye, tequila, rum), sweet aspect (maple syrup, ginger syrup, pecan syrup or local Texas honey syrup) and bitters (six to choose from). Old Fashioneds also have their own special 2-inch-by-2-inch ice cubes. Prices range from $9 to $21.

The "Share Me" list, meanwhile, is selection of cocktails that come in "sip," "gulp" and "pitcher" sizes ($8 to $28). The "shareables" are drinks Seger crafted with Texans in mind: Rosemary Red (Tito's vodka with Texas grapefruit soda and rosemary); Handsome Little Devil (Bloody Mary made with bourbon barrel-aged jalapeño-infused tequila); and Bees Knees (Balcones Blue Corn Whisky, Texas wildflower honey and Griffin Meadery Black Currant Meade from Willis).

For the big spenders there's liquid nitrogen bottle service (375, 750 and 1,000 ml bottles) served in a smoking, deep chill bucket with a variety of mixers ($100 to $300). Seger likens the bottle service to having friends come to your house and you pluck your favorite bottle of booze from the freezer and corral a bunch of mixers for a party. "It's an adult version of a make-your-own-pizza party," he says. "We say BYOM: Be Your Own Mixologist. It's like a boozy, interactive cooking show."

Seger sees the Tuck Room bar as a playground for adults. 

"It's like a clubhouse," Yard adds. "I call it the adult club house."


The Tuck Room

At iPic Theaters Houston

4444 Westheimer

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