OliverMcMillan CEO: We Like to Develop Projects Where We Like to Visit, Including Hawaii
July 27, 2015
OliverMcMillan CEO: We Like to Develop Projects Where We Like to Visit, Including Hawaii
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The “Oliver” part of San Diego-based developer OliverMcMillan, which has been pretty active in the Hawaii market, says they only do work in places they personally like.

Hawaii is one of those places, according to Dene Oliver, CEO of OliverMcMillan, who was the keynote speaker at last Thursday’s International Council of Shopping Centers Hawaii event.

“What’s special to me about Hawaii has become what’s special to me in life,” he said. “What’s really special to me is the people, family, the ohana.”

Oliver noted that he and Jim McMillan, the other half of OliverMcMillan, first met when they were 10 and 11 years old.

“We were surfers,” he said, adding that they would end up becoming part of each other’s families, as they followed the same path from undergraduate school at Cal-Berkeley and then at graduate and business school at USC.

“So we really have been family for a long time,” Oliver said. “I first came to Hawaii with Jim because his family lived in Hawaii, and I’ve never stopped coming since. Surfing brought us here.”

When asked if they would do work in Las Vegas, Oliver said he just doesn’t find Sin City to be the most life-enhancing place, and thus the firm opted to not do work in that area.

In addition to San Diego and Honolulu, OliverMcMillan has done, or is doing work in such cities as Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta, Nashville and Dallas.

In Honolulu, it has developed the Pacifica condominium and is currently building the Symphony condo, both on Kapiolani Boulevard.

“A special gem in Hawaii is Kapiolani Boulevard,” Oliver said. “It’s really the Park Avenue of Hawaii. With the amazing canopy of trees and what we’ve really learned is taking people like Kevin Aoki and Doraku and dropping them into the [ground floor space], it creates a little bit of a different feeling along Kapiolani. Long-term, that is what you will see along Kapiolani, so I’m really proud how we have had something to do with re-thinking how Kapiolani Boulevard might function.”

OliverMcMillan also has been chosen to develop a nearly 27-acre parcel in Kapolei in West Oahu into a 400-unit mixed-use residential project.

“Making special places happen and maximizing real estate value is what we need to do,” Oliver said.

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