The Ten Hottest New Bars in Atlanta
March 2, 2015
The Ten Hottest New Bars in Atlanta

Among the Top Ten:

Gypsy Kitchen

Why It's Hot: The food at this new Buckhead Atlanta spot skews Spanish, but what's really got the crowds excited are the drinks. It's a rare night at Gypsy Kitchen when the wraparound bar isn't packed with groups of girls'-night-outers sharing Spanish reds or cocktails (often on the sweeter side) under the watchful gaze of a vigilant toro statue.

Insider Tip: Stick to the small plates made for sharing if you're just in for drink. The bartenders can advise you on different sizes.

3035 Peachtree Rd.; 404-939-9840

The Southern Gentleman

Why It's Hot: The bartenders at this Buckhead Atlanta space (which shares a kitchen and management team with the neighboring Gypsy Kitchen) will tell you they're going for a "more accessible Holeman & Finch," and that's kinda the vibe you get — craft cocktails, seasonal ingredients and classed-up pub grub alongside surprising elements, like a spotlight on the liqueur Chartreuse.

Insider Tip: Be forewarned that parking at Buckhead Atlanta's tight, and that either opting for the valet or parking a few blocks away and hoofing it may be your best bet.

3035 Peachtree Rd.; 404-939-9845

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