Buckhead Atlanta Visitors Soon to Have Hassle-Free Parking
October 16, 2014
Buckhead Atlanta Visitors Soon to Have Hassle-Free Parking
Buckhead Patch

We all know the frustrating feeling of scouring a parking deck for an open spot, thinking we’ve finally found one, but are soon overtaken with horrible disappointment when we realize the spot was taken the whole time.

The parking decks at Buckhead Atlanta, the billion-dollar retail behemoth which opened roughly a month ago, is planning to put an end to the frustrations associated with parking at a facility of its size and scope, BuckheadView reports.

Representatives of Buckhead Atlanta developers OliverMcMillan said during an Oct. 9 meeting of the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods that their parking decks would soon have color coded, automatically triggered lights that will tell drivers whether or not a spot is occupied. Green lights mean a spot is open, red lights mean a spot is taken, and blue lights indicate handicapped parking.

Each level of the parking deck will also have prominent, bright signage displaying what level of the parking deck drivers are entering.

The parking decks will also be very well-lit and equipped with license plate reading cameras to help Atlanta police quickly find any stolen vehicles.

To read more about the recent meeting and further plans for Buckhead Atlanta, please visit BuckheadView.

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