The Residences Buckhead Atlanta To Open On Schedule Sept. 2 With First Tenants
August 18, 2014
The Residences Buckhead Atlanta To Open On Schedule Sept. 2 With First Tenants
Buckhead View

Buckhead Atlanta has made much of the firsts it is bringing to the market in retail shops and restaurants; but OliverMcMillan has another first to brag about—the first residents will move into The Residences Buckhead Atlanta right on time as initially projected.

According to OM’s Rgional Director of Marketing Rocell Viniard the first residents will move into the north tower of the two 20-story apartment high-rises on Sept. 2, earlier than Viniard had told for an article in April, but in the same month.

That announcement was a major first for OliverMcMillan, which has postponed the opening dates for the retail shops and restaurants several times since early this year—from an initial projected opening in July to August, then Sept. 4 and now Sept. 18.

“The first residents of The Residences Buckhead Atlanta will move in Sept. 2 if our leasing staff has to help them move their belongings into their apartment.” Viniard told last week. The two towers will total 370 luxury apartments when completed.

The two apartment towers will offer upscale finishes and hotel-like amenities—such as 24-hour concierge, the Clubhouse Mansion with a kitchen, fitness center and theater, and pool and spa and outdoor kitchen and living room.

If anything looks familiar about the Buckhead Atlanta project, it’s probably the glass apartment towers, they do not look that unlike their neighbor, the Eclipse condominium. But for years Atlanta—and even high-rent Buckhead—has struggled to get apartment rents north of $2 a foot.

Buckhead Atlanta’s apartment towers are reportedly leasing at the highest rates in the city, close to $2.50 a foot. And, the expectation is that leasing activity should pick up in coming weeks as construction activity begins to wind down. For now, tours are limited.

BuckheadView toured the six-block, eight-acre Buckhead Atlanta development with Viniard on Thursday, Aug. 14, observing hundreds of construction workers displaying a sense of urgency working the exteriors of various buildings, as well as the $10 million in landscaping being added.

With just a month to go to the first openings, there are lots of details to be completed behind those construction fences along Peachtree Road and even a lot of basics to still be added. BuckheadView asked OM about some of those basics that had not been discussed.

Will there be bike racks an electric car charging stations in Buckhead Atlanta? There will be bike racks both in the parking decks and on the street level. There also are initial accommodations for six electric car charging stations and that will be evaluated after opening to see if more are needed.

Asked if Bolling Way would be only right-in/right-out where it connects to Peachtree Road, the answer was yes. BuckheadView also was told there will not be a traffic signal where Bolling Way intersects with East Paces Ferry Road.

Also, BuckheadView asked if OM was sure that the pavers being used for streets and sidewalk surfaces in the development would not shift and become a safety hazard to pedestrians over time as some have in the Peachtree Road reconstruction project in Buckhead’s central business district.

Hunter Richardson, OM’s managing director of development for Buckhead Atlanta, told BuckheadView, “OliverMcMillan paid attention to every detail (concerning the pavers) from subsurface to surface.” He added that “OliverMcMillan will be responsible for the maintenance of the streets” even though they are city of Atlanta streets.

He also said that it is thought that much of the problems with the pavers that were part of the Buckhead Community Improvement District’s Peachtree Road project were due to a couple of hard freezes and thaws during the past winter.

He is confident there will not be a similar problem at Buckhead Atlanta this winter when the first retail tenants and restaurants are open for business  and for years to come.

At completion in mid-2015, Buckhead Atlanta should have 50 to 60 retail shops and 13 restaurants. The first openings start Sept. 18. Retailers and restaurants scheduled to open in September include:

Brunello Cucinelli: luxury Italian cashmere sweaters and ready to wear fashions (2,491 square feet on Bolling Way).

Canali:  tailor-made suiting and related men’s apparel (2,111 square foot space on Buckhead Avenue).

Diptyque: Paris-based manufacturer of assorted perfumes, candles and face & body care products (496 square feet at Bolling Way).

Hermès: Paris-based manufacturer widely known for their handbags, neckties, scarves and assorted other luxury goods (4,100 square foot space on Buckhead Avenue at Bolling Way).

L’Occitane: French retailer of a wide assortment of face and body lotions and fragrances (2,784 square foot space on Buckhead Avenue).

Moncler: retailer of ski-inspired apparel and footwear  (1,899 square foot space on Bolling Way).

Scoop NYC: designer and contemporary ready-to-wear apparel, shoes and accessories  (2,461 square foot space on Buckhead Avenue).

Theory: contemporary New York-based retailer of men’s and women’s apparel.  (Theory previously had a location at Phipps Plaza which closed in early 2012.  (2,580 square foot space at Bolling Way).

Warby Parker: stylish eyewear retailer with a limited retail network (2,045 square feet on Buckhead Avenue).

The four restaurants listed as opening Sept. 18, are:

Corso Coffee: New York-based Italian-style coffee bar featuring handcrafted beverages, assorted pastries and live music (1,596 square foot space on Peachtree Road).

Gypsy Kitchen: “Spanish Fusion” restaurant from the creators of Tin Lizzy’s and The Big Ketch (3,750 square foot space on Peachtree Road).

Shake Shack: casual New York-based burger, shake and fry eatery created by Danny Meyer (2,500 square foot space on Peachtree Road).

Thirteen Pies: artisan pizza eatery (4,300 square foot space on Buckhead Avenue).

According to information from Viniard, Italian luxury retailer Etro (2,214 square foot store on Buckhead Avenue) plans to open by the end of September and local Gastropub Southern Gentleman (3,750 square foot space on Peachtree Road) and breakfast, lunch and dinner eatery Le Bilboquet (3,686 square foot space on Bolling Way) will follow in early October.

Viniard also said retailers expected to open by the end of the year are: Akris, Bella Bag, Christian Louboutin, Helmut Lang, Jimmy Choo, Theory, Tod’s, and Spanx. Restaurants expected to open in the coming months will include American Cut, American Food and Beverage, Doraku Sushi, Georgetown Cupcake, Lugo Cucina Italiana, and Qing Mu.

After the initial openings in mid-September, Viniard said, “We expect one store or restaurant to open each week until the end of the year. Buckhead Atlanta will open just like any community—shops and restaurants opening organically, over time,” Viniard added.

One reason the opening date was moved from Sept. 4 to Sept. 18 is that the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York takes place from Sept. 4-11. But Viniard told BuckheadView, “It was more than Fashion Week as there were multiple schedules involved.

“Our first residents will be moving in the first week in September, then the retailers that are planned for Sept. 18 will begin moving in and stocking in preparation for Sept. 18 media day,” she explained.  “Many of them will have some opening festivities and private events prior to the 18th.” Viniard added that it is difficult to say exactly who will open when, because OliverMcMillan “does not control when they open once the space is turned over to the tenant.”

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